Use tags to add style to your brand or identify equipment, inventory and safety hazards in your workplace.. Ideal for jewelry, clothing, party favors, gifts, gift baskets and more, hang tags help add a finishing touch to your products while prominently displaying your brand. Add a splash of color to make your custom packaging really unique.

Tell your brand story

A well designed hang tag stands out when placed on products. Whether you’re looking to add pricing, instructions or information to a product, hang tags provide a great opportunity to add a company logo and tell your brand story in a eye-catching and professional way.

To really make your tags unique, Action Graphics offers a variety of designs, colors and die-cut options that allow you to create a product that reflects your brand. Choose from standard shapes and sizes or work with one of our experienced designers to create custom solutions that work for you.

High quality tags to match your products

We know you put a lot of time and effort into creating quality products that your customers want to buy. Let Action Graphics provide a hang tag to match. We use the highest quality paper products and printing solutions to deliver exceptional four-color tags that can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

With a wide selection of styles and materials, Action Graphics can help make sure the tag does its job properly. Include a reinforced hole or have them printed on a weatherproof material for extra durability. Custom shapes and sizes are available to fit your needs.

Discover our impressive array of tags to satisfy your business and creative needs. Contact Action Graphics today for help designing and printing your custom hang tags.

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