Signage design involves many steps.
High-res artwork and a good strategy are your keys to success. 

First things first: Be clear on your needs. There are different signs for different purposes and marketing needs. Ask yourself, where is this signage going and how large of an area do you need it to fill? What kind of material do you need for these pieces and how many will you need?

Signage Design Blog Post Fyxation Back to School Sale Chipboard Sign

Consider the details: Now that you know what kind of signs you need, think about how and where they’ll be used.  Consider the elements if it will be an outdoor sign. For instance, during Wisconsin winter it will need to withstand wind and snow. When dealing with signage or vehicles it helps to scan your area and decide if it is a permanent piece, for a temporary sale or informational/event purposes.

Signage Design Blog Post Local First Milwaukee Local Motion Live Poster

Design Elements: Use smart typography—keeping it simple, clean and eye-catching. Bold fonts will capture attention. Combine that with color contrast making it hard to miss. Keep location in mind (and avoid dark shades in a shady area). Will there be a possibility for a glare? If so, avoid a glossy finish. When sending your files for initial setup please send only high-res or vector artwork when available for any logos and other imagery.

Signage Design Blog Post Marquette 707HUB Banner Stand

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