Post-It Notes

Get your message to really “stick” with customers. Customized Post-it notes are ideal for promotional giveaways at trade shows, conferences, and events as they keep your business and brand top-of-mind for consumers each and every day.

Make it stick

The more unique your message is, the more memorable your note will be. Add your company logo, bright colors, artful designs, or fun taglines to really make your Post-it sticky notes stand out. Today many consumers are constantly on-the-go, making custom sticky notes a functional solution for jotting down quick thoughts, making lists or setting reminders. They’re seen by your consumers every day and now your brand will be too!

After meeting with potential clients or partners, you can give them a full pad of custom Post-it notes, and that person will have a tangible reminder about your products or services. It is a subtle, yet effective way to market your company’s brand and product with having to sell people on it. A pad of sticky notes is almost like a business card, except that your contacts are more likely to hang onto it since it’s useful. This makes it a practical and high-exposure marketing tool, no matter what field you’re in.

Branded Post-It Notes (Sticky Notes) Printed by Action Graphics

At Action Graphics, we print custom sticky notes on Post-it note paper and can even make custom sizes, colors and shapes to really make your product unique. Contact our team of friendly customer service representatives to discuss your Post-it note design and printing needs.

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