Door Hangers

Looking to promote your business in a specific neighborhood or town? Whey not bring your logo, marketing message and contact information directly to your customer’s front door? Door hanger advertising is a unique way to catch a prospect’s eye in a place where they aren’t expecting it. Because they need to be removed from the door handle, they’re likely to be read and make an impression that lasts beyond a simple glance.

Go where the people are

There’s something to be said for meeting your customers where they are – at the store, on the subway, and even in their home. Well designed door hangers that catch a prospect’s eye are a great way to deliver your message that’s highly impactful.

  • Add a valuable tearaway coupon or easy-to-save business card by including a two-inch perforation at the bottom of your hanger.
  • Door hangers are perfect for limited-time offers, promoting new product and services, or bringing attention to your business in a new sales area.
  • Make sure door hangers stand out with a simple message, bright colors and eye-catching finish.
  • Add extra protection from the elements with a durable aqueous coating.

Not only does Action Graphics offer the best in design and printing quality, but we also offer a variety of premium paper sizes, socks and coatings to choose from to truly customize your door hanger. Contact our team of specialized designers and printing pros to get started on your project today.

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